My haunted looo-ooo-ooo!

Having a hubby who likes to bring his work home with him causes problems...

Published by: Laura Hinton
Published on: 3rd March 2011

C lean shirts, boxers, toothbrush… ‘Do you think there’s anything else I’ll need?’ asked my fiancé Barri, as he packed his weekend work bag.
I checked his case – torch, electronic voice phenomena device, a something-or-other, and a what’s-it-called.
‘I’ve no idea,’ I chuckled. ‘I don’t know what half this stuff is!’
As you might have guessed, this wasn’t your average working weekend – Barri, 32, was going ghost hunting. In the10 years we’d been together, he’d run the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society with his mate Ian Wilce, 38.
Most weekends, he’d kiss me and our daughters Keah, eight, Sienna, six, Ella, five, and Freya, sixmonths, goodbye before heading off to investigate something going bump in the night.
He didn’t get rid of the ghosts, he just liked researching them.
‘I can’t wait to see what I find,’ he said.
I had to admit, though, over the past few months, I hadn’t been too keen on Barri going away. Recently, I’d noticed strange things.
My jewellery had been moved, and I’d heard footsteps upstairs when the kids were asleep in bed.
‘I swear I’m going mad,’ I worried to Barri when he got home that Monday. ‘Someone – or something – keeps moving our stuff around.’
He gave me a look, and I huffed. ‘This weekend, I walked into our bedroom, and a book flew off the top of the wardrobe!’
‘Don’t be silly,’ he giggled, climbing into bed beside me. ‘It must be the kids. Leave the spooky stuff to me!’
‘Night, Barri,’ I sighed.
‘Night,’ he replied.
Maybe I was over-reacting, reading too much into it all…
‘Good night,’ he said again.
‘You said that…’ I started. But then I froze. That had been a little girl’s voice! Quick as lightning, I jumped out of bed and flicked the light on.
Barri peered round the room.
‘Umm, that wasn’t me, but I’m sure it’s nothing,’ he soothed.
‘B-b-but what if there’s a ghost?’ I stuttered, terrified.
‘There are no ghosts here,’ he sighed.
Still, I didn’t sleep a wink after that.
Over the next few weeks, more weird stuff started happening  – doors slamming and lights flickering for no reason.
It wasn’t long before Barri saw these spooky happenings, too. And he made a shock confession…
‘I think I might know what’s going on,’ he said.
‘Some of the ghosts I’ve been investigating have, umm, followed me home.’
‘Y-you mean our home is now haunted?!’ I gasped, looking around and waiting for a ghost to walk through the wall.
‘I’m sure nothing’s going to hurt us,’ Barri insisted. ‘They’re just popping by for a visit.’
‘Can you get rid of them?’ I pleaded.
‘There’s nothing to worry about,’ he said.
A week later, I was on the loo, when a chill ran down my spine. I shuddered. Better get Barri to turn the heating up.
Then I saw it. Something smoky white, drifting towards me…
‘Barri!’ I screamed.
Floating past was a grey woman in a nightdress, dripping water.
By the time Barri had raced upstairs, she’d disappeared.
I knew she was harmless, but boy, had she given me a fright.
Sometimes, though, the spirits haven’t always been as friendly. Like when Keah was younger and hadn’t been able to settle one night. ‘She just won’t stop crying,’ I’d worried to Barri, setting the baby monitor on the bedside table.
Suddenly, it had started to crackle. ‘Just get out,’ a rasping voice had breathed into it.
Well, I’d never moved so fast.
Without a second’s thought, Barri had dragged Keah’s cot into our room, and
she settled instantly.
Luckily, that spirit moved on and we haven’t had anything quite as scary since.
When we get married in September, they’ll be no creepy wedding reception, or honeymoon in a haunted manor. I’ve put my foot down. The last thing we need on our wedding night is unwanted guests!
Lucy Fullicks, 27, Isleworth, Middlesex